I'm a television producer, currently living/working in New York City.  Two of my biggest passions in life are eating and traveling; I'm also a photography enthusiast.  So creating this website seemed liked a natural extension of these interests.  Plus, like most in Hollywood, I harbor creative aspirations.  HOLLYWOOD GOURMAND is my outlet.   

Oh, so this is just another food/travel blog?

Pretty much.

What HAPPENED TO "Distant Hire"?

I thought I was being exceptionally clever when naming my original blog DISTANT HIRE.  After all, I started it to document my adventures on the road working as a "distant hire" production crew member.  But fifteen years into my career, I traded in the freelance lifestyle for a cushy executive gig in Los Angeles.  Suddenly, my moniker was inaccurate.  People also seemed confused by the title, thinking I was operating a job search website.  A re-brand seemed in order.  Even if I'm back on distant location.   

Anything else?

I also write screenplays.  So there may be occasional rants about the creative process or my latest case of writers block. But mostly it will be pictures of food.